Album Reviews

On Hickli’s self-produced debut LP‘Flowstate,’ mixed and mastered by Sacha Laskow of Perfect Filth Productions:

“…brilliant! Heartfelt lyrics, amazing vocals, sweet and soulful, refreshing and thoughtful. All the tunes are well produced and sculpted, with gorgeous melodies.” – Dawne Anderson (Calgary Folk Fest)

“…the stark honesty and heart rending themes are resplendent in its unencumbered production.” – Beatroute Magazine

“An unearthly flow of luscious truths…beautiful use of reverb and lyrics that sing directly into the soul” – Jamey Lougheed (FrogFest Music Festival)

“not a misplaced note nor word… wonderful” – Dawn Louks (CJSW 90.9 FM)

“Hickli’s newest release focuses on dark, emotive pop, like Lorde’s “The Louvre” extended over a full album. Hickli has a voice that cuts clean like glass, slicing through moody piano or guitar or soft backing vocals.” – Missoula Magazine

More on Laura Hickli:

“Laura Hickli’s sound is unique to Calgary’s scene: ethereal and mystic, it floats like waves of light through the trees, eschewing bombast in favour of spectral melodies over tightly-arranged ambient soundscapes. Her 2017 full-length debut, Flowstate, is an exercise in atmosphere, understated and dreamy, with the confidence to leave spaces in the music that suggests a wisdom beyond her years.” – Block Heater Music Festival

“Being around Laura, someone who is so obviously passionate about her musical craft and her ability to share real moments with listeners, makes me feel like the world is truly open, as long as you have the bravery to open up enough to let the good in.” – Future Nostalgia

“Laura Hickli brought her emotive and powerful dark pop into the open. With songs about hardship and trauma, Hickli’s voice kept the gathering crowd spellbound in her trance.” – Beatroute Magazine