Laura Hickli is a small woman sitting at the piano with a blanket draped over her head to shut out the world. Alone in the dark she feels safer to express herself. She listens to the energy that’s fascinated and romanced her since she was a child. A single touch on the right key is all she needs to begin building her dynamic and meditative masterpieces. This is the safest space she’s ever known. This is where she faces herself and all her secrets. This is where her haunting and intimate music is born.

Laura Hickli’s powerful, cinematic music tells the story of a young artist recovering from a traumatic childhood while coming to terms with accepting herself, her mental illnesses, and her vividly apparent daydreaming habits.

Her captivating live performance effortlessly abolishes societal stigmas on the intensity in which ‘negative’ emotions should be felt and expressed, with emphasis on her personal experience in suffering from early abuse, depression, and isolation.

Described as ‘indomitable,’ Laura Hickli will shatter any expectations of the way a piano should be played, a voice should be lifted, or a life should be lived.